LABS conformity according to VDMA

All pressure and vacuum sensors of the types F08-M1, F08-M2 and F09-T-M have always been manufactured without LABS, now the conformity can also be confirmed according to the new VDMA standard sheet 24364. When tested at the Fraunhofer Institute, the designs achieved category VDMA 24364-B1 / B2 / C1-L / W. LABS (substances that impair paint wetting) can lead to contamination of workpieces to be painted. In the painting process, they can cause wetting problems and thus painting errors. The result is high costs due to rejects, rework and error analysis. The VDMA standard sheet published in May 2018 describes the requirements for testing products for substances that impair paint wetting (LABS). The test for LABS freedom has thus been standardized for the first time regardless of the company, and enables you to obtain comparable and reliable statements about products with regard to LABS properties. Thanks to the test and the LABS declaration of conformity, the above Designs can be used without hesitation in areas of the painting process. In addition, listing of products in the automotive sector is usually easy to achieve.