Inclination Sensors

MP-SENSOR offers various inclination switches and inclination sensors. All designs have a robust housing and are ideally suited for use in harsh environments. In addition, the outputs are freely adjustable or programmable for all designs.

  • Simple way of measuring angles and tilts
  • Increased safety, for example for anti-tippers, lifting platforms and cranes
  • Robust designs for durable use in harsh environments
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Inclination Sensor

Adjustment ranges: -10°...+10°, -45°...+45°, -85°...+85°

Output: 4xPNP switching output

Setting the switching points: Display + Buttons

Inclination Sensor

Output: relay output

Setting the switching points: Teaching

Inclination Sensor

Output: 4xPNP switching output

Setting the switching points: Teaching


More information about Inclination Sensors

Inclination switches may be installed in stationary or mobile applications, in which it is necessary to measure and safely supervise any kind of an angle. The moment a preset angle has been reached, the respective switching output will open or close. Typical cases of application of inclination switches (which are often also called crash sensors due to their case of operation) are tilt protection devices, lifting platforms, forklifts, cranes, excavators, agricultural machinery, truck trailers and also a lot of electric car charging stations. But inclinations switches are also required and very useful in many more different areas such as mobile homes, yachts, off-road vehicles or wind power plants.

Inclination Switches / Inclination Sensors from MP-SENSOR

The electronic inclination switches from MP-SENSOR, also called inclinometers, are equipped with either transistor outputs or relay outputs. They are designed for professional continuous operation and excel by highest quality and accuracy as well as through a robust, compact and an easy-to-assemble design. The sensor element and the electronics are protected against environmental influences excellently by a durable metal housing and the potting compound. All MP-SENSOR inclination switches do not use any mercury at all and are temperature compensated. Angles are measured contactless by a modern, highly accurate Micro Electromechanical System (MEMS) with intelligent evaluation by a micro controller.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Inclination sensors measure the angle or inclination of an object and are able to perform very precise measurements. They are used in various applications, for example on mobile machinery. An important advantage of inclinometers is their ability to perform precise measurements and detect changes in real time. Overall, tilt sensors contribute to improving stability and safety and their importance will continue to grow.

Inclination sensors measure angles in degrees and can output the result in digital or analog form. They have an adjustable sensitivity so that they can accurately detect even small changes in angle. They can be used to measure the angle of an object in relation to gravity.

MP-SENSOR's electronic tilt switches, also known as inclinometers, are characterized by high quality and a robust construction suitable for intensive use. In addition, our devices are easy to install due to their compactness.