F.CORE flow sensor

"More metrics, more data, more possibilities!"

The new F.Core flow sensor records the flow of a gaseous medium, as well as temperature, pressure and energy consumption. Whether for your machines / systems or your own compressed air supply, the F.Core flow sensor is available in different configurations.

The best thing to do is to take a quick look at our online store and get an idea of the available variants. Either with switching / analog outputs and IO-Link, or as an Ethernet version.

Your benefit:

  • IO-Link or Ethernet interfaces (communication with OPC UA) for simple system integration and data availabilityt
  • Cost savings thanks to reduced energy consumption and increased production efficiency
  • Intuitive parameterization with large, high-contrast OLED display saves time and costs during commissioning


Areas of application:

  • Consumption control and leakage monitoring in compressed air systems
  • Monitoring the energy consumption of compressed air in the supply network
  • Measurement of inert gases in modified atmosphere packaging in the food and beverage industry
  • Flow measurement of non-corrosive gases such as Ar, He, CO2, N2