P.Touch pressure sensor

The new P.Touch pressure sensor completes the generation change in fluid sensor technology

MP-Sensor is excited to announce the launch of their newly developed P.Touch pressure sensor series. The P.Touch’s innovative and unique operating system functions through a longitudinally installed touch screen where a virtual scrolling wheel elevates these industrial sensors to an entirely new level in terms of simplicity and intuitive operation. The multitude of possibilities that open up with this new system provides a new element to the world of modern-day sensor technology.

The TFT display enables plain text display of the menu items in an easy to read, high resolution format making cryptic abbreviations and hard to decipher codes a thing of the past. Furthermore, additional information can be easily displayed on one screen as well as current pressure values and set switching point values. All of these features and operations are accessible via a touch screen that ensures an insightful, yet uncomplicated operating concept.

The stainless steel housing and geometrically protected glass display provide an extremely compact & robust design while still maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance, and the absence of any mechanical operating elements ensures a high degree of freedom from wear and tear. The P-Touch is up to 50% more compact than previous pressure sensor designs and with the "in line" M12 electrical connection and longitudinally arranged display the P-Touch can be installed in even the tightest of spaces. Only our patent-pending design makes it possible to achieve this level of compactness in a pressure sensor with display.

P.Touch series pressure sensors enable reliable measurement of process pressures in industrial environments and are ideally suited for applications such as pressure monitoring in hydraulic systems or the monitoring of coolant supply or process pressure on an injection molding machine.

The P.Touch represents the first product based on the new MP-Sensor platform for fluid sensor technology. Over the next few years, our portfolio will be steadily expanding to include sensors for additional measuring variables in the fluid technology marketplace. Since all of our future sensors will be based on this platform, they will be visually similar while maintaining the intuitive TFT touch screen based operation program.

The key features of the P.Touch series at a glance:

  • Various pressure ranges between 0...600 bar (on request also as vacuum version)
  • TFT touch display for pressure indication and switching point adjustment
  • Adjustment of the switching points via a virtual scroll  wheel
  • Configurable outputs (digital or analog) and process value transmission via IO-Link
  • Display / Housing rotatable by 350° after mounting
  • Housing diameter only 28mm with an "in line" process and electrical connection
  • Convenient parameterization via IO-Link using PC or IO-Link master