Customer Specific Solutions

Certain requirements of an application can often not be met with standard products. That is why MP-SENSOR is happy to serve its customers with individual solutions, tailored towards their requirements.

We invite you to benefit from MP SENSOR´s many years of know-how. MP-SENSOR is flexible and fast. A lean organization enables short decision lines and a new development is quickly initiated and implemented. After defining the most important parameters, MP-SENSOR will provide milestones, time frame and price of the customer-specific solution at short notice.

Some of the customization options include:

  • Special type of fluid port
  • Special type of electrical connection
  • Customized housing dimensions
  • Specific pressure ranges
  • Special types of materials or sensors for e.g. use in rough environments
  • Individual software adaptions
  • Sensors for different industries (F&B, EX, …)