Product Overview MP-SENSOR 

Electronic Pressure Switches and Vacuum Switches

Our electronic Pressure Switches and Vacuum Switches are ideal for permanent industrial applications.  You have the choice among different and mostly compact space-saving switches with or without digital pressure display. Our switches find their application in handling systems, automation systems and in the general mechanical engineering.

Mechanic Pressure Switches and Vacuum Switches

If there are low or average requirements regarding measurement accuracy, Mechanic Pressure Switches and Vacuum Switches are the right choice. We offer switches with „normally open“, „normally closed“ and „change over“ function.

Transmitter Analog

Our compact and robust Transmitters have a high measurement accuracy. Depending on the application and the required pressure range we offer  Transmitters with ceramic, stainless steel or silicon sensing elements.

Vacuum Ejectors

Our Vacuum Ejectors create a high vacuum level at low compressed air consumption. We offer Ejectors with different performance levels, vacuum holding valves for increased safety and air saving function.

Inclination Switches

For example at loading ramps, stages in theaters or in the axes of harvesters - even with difficult installation terms our inclination switches (free of mercury) can be used effectively. Wether standard configuration or customized - the RoHS-compliant sensors use the latest MEMS technology and offer exact inclination monitoring at reasonable prices.

Control Units

Various Electronic Control Units such as our Pulse Stretchers complete our product range.